No One Here Gets Out Alive


Although there have been several books written about Jim Morrison and The Doors, the first still remains the best in my opinion. No One Here Gets Out Alive, published in 1980, was written by Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman, and accredited with reknewing The Doors’ image in popular culture for the next generation. Sugerman had been working as an assistant in The Doors office since he was thirteen and had also eventually became their manager following the death of Morrison. Due to his inside connections, No One Here Gets Out Alive is privy to a viewpoint expressed by someone who personally knew many of the people mentioned in the book.

Although Hopkins later released another larger book around the subject, which included transcripts from many original interviews with Morrison and those around him (The Lizard King), No One Here Gets Out Alive remains, in my humble opinion, the definitive book on Morrison. The book is set into three sections, spanning all three major sections of Morrison’s life. The Bow Is Drawn details Morrison’s formative years and the build up to the success of The Doors, The Arrow Flies deals more with the Morrison’s success with the band and his spiraling ascension as the “original rock star”, and finally The Arrow Falls writes about his fall from glory and eventual death.

I would highly suggest this book for any fan, be they already well informed, or just a passing one interested in learning more about the life of one of the most enigmatic characters in musical history.

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