Jim Morrison’s Grave

Initially following Morrison’s death, his entire state was left to Pamela and following her death soon after, her parents. Although there were several court case controversies over who really had a right to his estate and Courson’s family won, Morrison’s grave in Père Lachaise has been in possession of the Morrison family since the ’90s. Up until that time, the grave had been adorned with graffiti left by fans-song titles and lyrics, messages to Jim-and upon possession of the plot, the grave was completely remodeled and since has been under heavy security in attempt to keep the site pristine. Of course, they haven’t managed to keep everyone away from it though!

I would highly suggest a visit Père Lachaise to any Doors fan. The place is surreal. Probably one of the only places in the world where you can visit on any given day, even early in the morning, and after a small crowd of people sitting around playing Doors music, usually drinking in the spirit of Jim herself. I visited earlier this year, with my mother who having visited in the early ’90s, was fortunate enough to see the grave in it’s original state. It was probably the high light of my year in all honesty, and I’d say will always be a formative memory for me. As you approach the grave, you start to see small bits and pieces of Doors associated graffiti on the tombs surrounding it, until you reach the actual grave itself, which is surrounded by (flimsy) fences and gravestones that are absolutely covered in Doors lyrics.

I find it disappointing that the family decided not to keep the grave the way it initially I was. I think, knowing what we do about Jim and his disregard for rules and authority, he would have loved the idea of his grave being covered in his poetry and lyrics. A pristine, rule abiding “normal” grave would not have been something I imagined he’d have wanted. However, that was the family’s request, and still fans manage to scrawl the odd lyric or two around the grave when no one’s looking.

Here are some pictures from of the grave-before, after and during my own visit.


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