A Photo Tour of Jim Morrison’s (Restored) House On Love Street

I found this article earlier about Jim Morrison’s house with Pamela Courson and how it looks today. The owner of the house is a Doors fanatic and following the damage which occurred during a series of arson attacks in LA, has restored the house to how it would have looked when Morrison and Pamela lived there. It’s incredibly interesting to see the inside of the house, and how they had it decorated. 

The house on Rothdell Drive was supposedly the place where Morrison enjoyed some of his most peaceful, almost domesticated years. He and Pamela lived there as a near normal couple…aside from the fact that he had another lover not so far away, and would run around the house singing and shouting poetry. Even so, these were perhaps the most settled years of Jim’s life and that time is immortalised in the song “Love Street”, from the album Waiting for the Sun. They referred to their street as Love Street because they would sit on their balcony and watch the numerous hippies on the street walk by.

From the pictures, Morrison’s house looks like a piece of musical history. In his secret bathroom, members of The Doors have signed the tiles (see Manzarek’s one featured in the article) and song ideas and poetry are also scrawled all over the bathroom. Morrison wrote his lyrics for Waiting in the Sun, and a large part of The Soft Parade, while living at this house. 

It is sad that Morrison’s life did remain as settled as his attempt here portrays. He and Pam appear most happiest during this time, but of course, it being Jim Morrison, the domestic life of one house and one woman did not last for very long.

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