Oliver’s Stone’s 1991 biopic “The Doors” is perhaps the best known and most popular move about Jim Morrison and The Doors. Although intended to be based around all four members, the movie is primarily based around Morrison’s life, even more so than the music the band created. “The Doors” has come under fire from several critics and contains several historical inaccuracies. Perhaps the most amount of criticism has come from Ray Manzarek, The Doors keyboard player. Although all the remaining members of The Doors were consulted during the making of the film, Manzarek did not approve of Stone’s depiction of the band, or of Morrison himself and has publicly stated that he does not believe the film to be accurate at all. Manzarek’s comments on the film are harsh, “Jim with a bottle all the time. It was ridiculous . . . It was not about Jim Morrison. It was about Jimbo Morrison, the drunk. God, where was the sensitive poet and the funny guy? The guy I knew was not on that screen.”

I personally enjoyed the film. Of course, as a dramatization, it extremely exaggerates certain incidents, and perhaps makes Morrison into more a myth like figure than he already is. Val Kilmer, who plays Morrison, does an excellent job playing the Jim Morrison, “Lizard King”, that appeared on stage with The Doors and who the press were so enthralled with. Although I can see why those who knew him would be less impressed by the depiction as Morrison is already a figure that does appear human in someways, even for a die hard fan of the band I believe it is enjoyable and that Kilmer is remarkable in his portrayal of Morrison.

Yet another new Jim Morrison documentary has recently been announced. It will be interesting to see what slant these particular film makers make, as people continue to try and pin down the enigma that was the man.


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